They end up marrying each other

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When Elisa finds out she is overjoyed but Damian acts as though he has no clue who she is. Paolo also had an affair with Kenia Jaso Navarro Esmeralda Pimental who got pregnant but also lost the baby. Alfonsina starts feeling bad and the Arango's go home before eating dinner. Gael runs after Gabino and then the police arrests him. He accidentally shoots Damian and Damian's mother ensures that it is Florencia not Elisa that is by his side the whole time.

Damian and Elisa become friends because Augusto and Rosendo were best friends. It is apparent that Gael is in love with Elisa.

This also causes Elisa to be hated by not just the whole town but also by her father who has fallen in deep depression. Elisa and Damian go out and play in the yard when Gael shows up they try to go up a tree to see a bird. Surprisingly, Damian returns without anyone knowing. Carmina takes advantage of Augusto and seduces him.

Due to this, Elisa and Damian are not allowed to be friends, though it becomes evident they have deeper feelings towards each other when Alfonsina sends Damian to Italy to study. Her baby ends up dead and she blames Elisa for it. Carmina was also Paulo's lover before she put an end to it.

His mother is Ingrid Navarro

His mother is Ingrid Navarro Isabella Camil but she had abandoned him. Elisa arrives at the place of the accident. They have an accident and die and everyone thinks they were lovers.

Elisa arrives at

Gabino buries Ingrid alive because she threatens him with the information she knows about the fact that Gabino defrauded Alfosina at the factory, and that Carmina and Rosendo were in fact lovers. Damian wants to escape from Carmina's detention but Gabino arrives and Carmina and him trap him again. Carmina kills Guadalupe because he begins to complicate her life as he knows that Rosendo and Carmina were lovers and Estefania was always innocent. During dinner Alfonsina, Rosendo and Damian show up to eat with Augusto, Estefania, Elisa and also Carmina, who acts like she hates Rosendo to not get suspicious.