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Fan speculation went into overdrive when another new cast member, Jen Lilley tweeted about Moss joining the cast and told fans to follow the actor on Twitter. Chloe accepts the relationship and leaves the firm, and Melanie and Alec begin to form a stable relationship. Unable to deal with the guilt of shooting Theo who sadly slipped into coma, he breaks up with Lani. He also begins to pursue a relationship with Gabi Hernandez. He then learns that she is pregnant, but wrongly believes the baby is his, when in fact it's Eli's after their one night stand on the Christmas eve.

As the title says we help stop crime but we also do specials. Eventually, Melanie begins to wonder where their relationship is going when Alec keeps returning her toothbrush that she left at his apartment. Meanwhile, the minister, a man working at press magazine who Victoria arranged to secretly photograph the wedding, turns out to be Simon, the man who left Joy while she was pregnant with Owen. Things take a worse turn when he shoots his girlfriend's brother Theo Carver and gets suspended and charged.

She kisses him and later, she calls him and tells him that she has something important to tell him, and asks him to meet her at her dorm. However, he accidentally blurts it out while Melanie is trying to save Chloe from falling off the ledge of the workplace building. Daniel Jonas Shawn Christian.

As the title saysEventually Melanie begins to

Health, wealth and happiness. This whole Mayan calendar thing is so funny to me. Victoria nevertheless accepts his proposal, and hires a wedding planner for their wedding in prison.