Ansel Elgort is a one-woman man

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That's not really that interesting

Ansel Elgort is a one-woman man. Recently, the actor responded to being viewed as a not-totally-recognizable celebrity. As Ansel's status in Hollywood grew, however, his priorities remained the same.

But trust us the love goes

Instagram You've got to dance like nobody's watching and love like it's never going to hurt. But as it turns out, the aspiring actor and ballerina found themselves involved in a true love story when they met freshman year. My dad photographed a lot of beautiful dancers. He even said that he has no doubt on his ability in his bedroom. He also wasn't about to use his new fame for personal gain.

We see no faults with that. But trust us, the love goes both ways on social media. That's not really that interesting to me. That'd be one thing I'd do differently. But as it turns out, Ansel's totally fine with that.

Though the actor is candid, he's certainly not cocky. As the couple has a romantic life together since many years we would like to wish them with all the luck for their bright and wonderful life in days to come.

We see no faults

His older siblings, Warren and Sophie, are a film editor and photographer respectively. It was, like, fluorescent, bright bedroom light, like, over the covers. Whether posting photos together on Instagram or appearing together at the biggest award shows, the duo can't help but display their chemistry.