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Aquarius and leo dating libra

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If they communicate to one another the value of the relationship, everything will be okay. Although they will not agree on many other things, this is the one that could connect them strongly, because they are both such strong individuals in the eyes of each other. You will have to work hardest at making this relationship work out but if you put in the effort and give the Aquarius their time and space this relationship can be a long lasting, happy one. Both are very people oriented and quite comfortable in many different social situations. Their accomplishments and love of socializing and new projects make theirs a highly successful relationship.

Liberating and yet warm and passionate, sensual but still interesting. They will both like to show off, each in their own way, and it is only important for them to set the territory for both partners to be expressed. This can also apply to social norms and conventions, which your Aquarius may be quite comfortable breaking if they feel too restricted. You both want a lover who is your best friend first and foremost, and this will be a partner who you can always find fun and interesting conversation with.

To get there, these two would have to stop the battle they have with each other, because energy can be scattered on their unnecessary fight for dominance in a relationship. This is not something Aquarius will easily deal with and it could damage the trust of both partners, in each other and their entire relationship.

There are many other planets which can have an equal or greater effect on someone's personality. Marriage is often a very important facet of a Libras life, whereas you tend to be much more hesitant and cautious to give up your independence.

In such a situation, the Aquarius women lead an ideal life and want to have fun. You may end up shying away from the Aquarius after your attempts seem to fail.

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Leo being more inclined to want to be the center of attention, while Aquarius will also roam but more in a probing, curiosity-driven manner. Since they both rely on communication, they will have a lot to talk about and will usually find a language to solve all of their issues. From the Libra viewpoint This is a light and fun match.

The only major problem you may have is to decide who is in charge. When Leo falls in love, the entire world can feel it. Don't be put off, they're notoriously independent people, and it's not due to any reservation about this relationship. Both of them give too much importance to love and this is among the positive aspects of their relationship.