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Darkseid snubs Grayven at every possible opportunity since Grayven is nothing but Darkseid-lite. The audience's attitude towards the unfavorite is often based on what age the character is.

After Miho wins the tournament against Maho, Shiho sighs and begins clapping while smiling, which could indicate a change of heart. She went so far as to put a hit out on Kokoa's life and force Kahlua to carry said hit out.

Russia does care, but on the other hand he has his own issues and her Big Brother Attraction freaks him out. Darkseid at least sees Kalibak as useful and loyal Dumb Muscle. George from Paradise Kiss is the illegitimate son of a rich, influential man and a former model. Although never specified in canon, The Lion King fans will often make Scar this in his family to provide a Freudian Excuse. When they aren't flat out ignoring his existence, they actively sabotage him to ensure he remains a failure.

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This inevitably results in him banishing her, her setting off to seek her fortune, and eventually meeting her father again, after he has to eat his words and forgive her. In Ghosts of Evangelion Asuka was this to Misato. There is literally nothing Grayven can do that Darkseid can't do better. Somewhat in the Emma manga. In certain fairy tales, a king and queen have many sons, all of whom become unfavorites in favor of a soon-to-be-born daughter, to the point of them being planned to be killed.

He was conceived only to be a container for the demon and be a living weapon, and his mother died giving birth to him and his father, the Kazekage, hated him because of this. She still manages to find a physician to treat Lear's illness and be reconciled with him before their deaths.