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My temples were swollen and bruised and I had huge swellings all over the back and sides of my hair as well as bruies in the dhapes of fingerprints around my throat. Not only did the injuries last a year theyve lasted ten years and some have gotten much worse as is the normal progression of moderate tbis. My hair got caught in the fly wheel of the engine behind my head and snapped my head back slamming it into the gas tank, knocking me unconscious. As the doctor viewed the images, his face turned pale and he asked my husband how long had it been since he was in the accident.

The frontal lobe and base skullMy shortterm memory

We'd like to hear about it. My doctor asked if I wanted to go to the hospital for the xray.

My hair got caught inThe Brain Injury Task Force presented

After xrays and ct scans, they did find what they called a small brain bleed and admited me for observation. The frontal lobe and base skull suffered the mose damage. It just seems still like I'm only functioning at half the level I used to.

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George This story stirs memories. My short-term memory is terrible. Teaching staff have a variety of experience and educational backgrounds. The Brain Injury Task Force presented their recommendations last week. Every day I view as an opportunity and a challenge.