He is a three-time Grammy winner

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He also started the four playoff games he played in. John's standout Erick Barkley at that prestigious event.

The Knicks, Heat and Lakers were in the market for a point guard at the time. He was carted off the court on a stretcher.

Fans suspected they were back together, but in July, Dern said she was moving forward with the divorce. Harper, a singer-songwriter and musician, is known for his blues, folk, and rock music. After Davis was traded to Golden State, New Orleans failed to make the playoffs for three straight years. He is a three-time Grammy winner.

John's standout Erick

Dern divorced her ex-husband, Ben Harper, four years ago. The divorce, however, was stalled. In the divorce filings, Brewster asked for primary physical custody but joint legal custody. While she was married to Harper, she also became a stepmother to to his son and daughter from his first marriage. Dern and Harper had a long and tumultuous divorce.

He also started the four playoff

Down fourteen at the half, the Warriors lost by six.