Apply a second coat of polish

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It's better to use the right tool for the job than to put unnecessary strain on your nails. Apply nail polish to your nails.

Dish soap is drying, so wear rubber gloves to keep your hands from getting soapy. Apply the base coat to your nails.

Yellow nails are damaged nails. This article was awesome and it helped me a lot. To paint nails evenly, start with a vertical stripe down the center of the nail, then a stripe on either side. Whether you have your nails professionally groomed or do them yourself, the No.

Whether you have your nails professionally

Do this daily for a week, and changes will be noticed. Sinai showed those who indulged regularly were the most likely to suffer from dry, brittle nails. Protect your nails from harsh substances. The goal with buffing is just to create a smooth, shiny surface.

Dish soap is drying

Your nails don't have the chance to grow long and strong when you chew on them, so find another way to occupy your mouth and leave your nails alone. Clear base coat Nail polish Clear top coat Cotton swabs.

Yellow nails are

You don't want to thin out your nails. It helps to angle the brush forward and press gently to make the bristles spread out.

Dry your nails and apply a cuticle cream. Choose nail tips over full extensions. And while cutting cuticles holds the most potential for harm, pushing them back can cause problems as well.

Healthy Beauty Feature Stories. Next switch to the medium-grade side and repeat the process.

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