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Unique and impressive decor. Food of the Gods Festival Annual tour in October, but unfortunately no longer offered. Universidad Plaza del Valle. An Article by Alvin Starkman. Courtyard with fountain, sometimes live music.

Help keep this information current. Known for its Argentinean beef. Options include demonstration of the making of traditional tamales, chocolate, aguas frescas, cheese chorizo, or tejate. Large portions, fine dining, slow kitchen. Mina is informally known as Chocolate Street because of several chocolate-making companies located there.

Por si alguna quiere conocerme. Cooking classes conducted by Pilar Cabrera, tours of marketplaces, fine dining experiences, home-cooked dining experiences, and mezcal production are more possibilities.

Read a review by Alvin Starkman. Various types of chocolate and moles are available at Soledad Chocolate, Chocolate Mayordomo and others. Serving traditional Oaxacan soups prepared by dropping heated stones into freshly prepared bowls of ingredients. Oaxacan cuisine cooked in an outdoor wood-fired oven.

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Gourmet dining, lectures, tastings, cooking classes. Mushrooms in Oaxaca and article by Alvin Starkman. Espero que no caigais ninguno mas. Recommended for fine dining.

Federico Ortiz Armengol No. Restaurant Review by Alvin Starkman. Ya, ya, ya sabemos que si quieres algo y tal hay que pagarlo, pero yo a lo que voy es si esta web en concreto es de fiar o no.

Mexican food, live music, moderately priced. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. See article Cocina con Nora by Alvin Starkman. Personalmente tengo un monton de dudas sobre la web esta. Al darme cuenta de lo que pasaba y decirle eso mismo al chico le dije que los iba adenunciar por estafa y falsedad.