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This is the second bag this year. He was borne shoulder-high after his victory.

These seeds must be very tasty to the birds. If you want to put a feeder on your deck or patio, you would be best to use this type of seed and save you the time of cleaning up hulls from regular seed. Tolerate is more formal than put up with. Could be that they love the sunflower seeds in another feeder The birds are loving this seed.

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Don't let their adorable faces fool you. Gtreat Deal on Birdie Steak Great price.

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Love the mess-free kernels I switched to these hulled sunflower kernels in an attempt to reduce both the accumulation of shells and the presence of vermin rooting through the debris for whole seeds. Wish I had so many birds I wouldn't worry about storage - instead I should be running out but I'm not running out. Great birdseed, my birds love it. Daily now I get finches, Pine Siskins, and the shy Goldfinch family. After having it for a month or so the seed gets devoured rather quick.

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We have a small window feeder that attracts not just several cardinal families but just about every variety and size bird one can have in their backyard. Chickadees, Cardinals, Bluejays, I got all the peeps. Any of various large mammals having a shaggy coat, a rounded head, and a short tail. Bear with me for a minute, and you'll see what I mean. The special feeder tubes would get wet, the seed would get stuck and it would become very messy with about a quarter of the seed still in the tube.

We have a small window feeder

Very expensive no doubt, but I've used it rather carefully, and it's worth it's weight in gold for the enjoyment I'm having watching birds again. The bear stood on its hind legs. Wish they would not eat so much so fast although I do like to sit outside in the late afternoon and relax and watch them eat. Store finished nuts in a paper bag or other container.

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