It was normal in his world

Brother dating friend

Ronnie Fields, the man whose parole they are there to support, murdered him. Denise and Bo He comes from a very conservative religious background.

He completed a step addiction programme

He worries slightly about the long bus ride to Los Angeles - and the risk of getting sick or dizzy - because it has been so long since he has been on a trip. After a few minutes they realise that they are all victims of a crime, and that they are attending different parole hearings. It was the year they were supposed to become friends.

The next time she visits she brings her father. Manhattan beach, Los Angeles He had been at the beach that day. Then she spent more than a decade trying to get her brother's killer out of prison.

She is the first visitor he has had in a decade. She tells him she will come again. Twice a month he has to check in with his parole officer. Back when they had a shared bedroom, her side was always neat and orderly. Jim wrote to Fields about his Christian faith and his religious belief in redemption.

She realised they had been in prison for about the same length of time Fields had. Her father was another story. He was like that even before their parents divorced, but Denise thinks the divorce made things worse.

That is what Denise hoped. But his immediate concern is how he will get from the bus stop to the transitional home where he will be living when he lands in Los Angeles later tonight. We try to have the best time. Jim shuffles the way old men do, stumbling slightly.

Some family members feel they have to rally against the murderer, demand his or her death in order to honour their lost loved one, says Denise. He watches the cars driving by, always on the lookout. Denise Taylor had just graduated from college when her brother Bo was murdered. One day, he says, he hopes to visit the defendant outside prison.

He felt he owed her at least that much. It was a Saturday and her team had a game the next day. Bo had a friend who had been killed in a biking accident not long before. Although he has softened over the years and discarded some of his earlier hard-line viewpoints, Jim still teases Denise for being too liberal.

Denise went to the first day of the trial. He completed a step addiction programme before he got what he describes as a second chance at life. His grandmother died while he was at Folsom State Prison, one of the five prisons where he served time. They told her how hard it was to attend parole hearings, see the families suffering and know they were the cause of that suffering.

Denise went to the first day