Reverse beeper mute facility

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These are installed by the company's installation engineers. Reverse beeper mute facility. Special tamper-proof nuts for lock attachment.

Car Gear lock is operated manually to lock the gear shift lever, preferably in reverse gear thus rendering it immobile. Thieves find it easy to steal a movable object as there are less chances of leaving an evidence behind.

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Active - Those who want more control over the security system of their car use this alarm. Thieves do not want attention during their act, so they would usually avoid crowded and open places. Many of you would be buying it for the first time so take a look at the types below. Crafted from tough materials that resist cutting or tampering by all known methods It can shackle the lock even without the key. But what most thieves would not expect after finding your car in thieving conditions is that the vehicle to be equipped with a car security alarm.

The automobile brands are using this alarm for the newer vehicle models. You will be given Warantty card along with the bill of the same. As for the manual override system, it can be used in the event of when the central locking system becomes dysfunctional and the occupants are trapped inside the car. Car central locking system ensures the best guarantee to protect your car from different kinds of theft cases. These come in Black, Beige and Grey colour.

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