Probably not just to fat women

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And, to think I almost did. This was after a very rude string of back and forth emails with someone very hate filled that I turned down for a date. Men that treated me like a goddess and that always made me feel beautiful and sexy.

Frightening and bone chilling. That has been my experience. But, there have been a few interactions that have gone really really bad. Probably not just to fat women.

Just so blessed in that department so I have no complaints. Because of this, they do allow their customers to return or exchange items they bought if they are unhappy with them. Since each individual customer's order will differ depending on size, materials, and whether or not the item is discounted, prices will always vary. It is so fascinating how one moment someone is basically begging me to go on a date with them and then the next minute, after I politely turn them down, that it turns so ugly. Truly amazing men who were great friends, fantastic supporters of mine and some of my best cheerleaders for all of my crazy business ideas.

Total unconditional love and everyone should be loved as well as I have been loved.

They choose their newest styles, clothing, and accessories by considering what it is their clients truly want. And, I do believe in full disclosure.

If they criticize you and put you down, you need to break up with them right away. Just a few tips from my friend who deals with this kind of bullying and threats a lot. There are way too many amazing, uplifting people in the world to spend your days with those ass hats. That includes family, too. Now, I am certain that this sort of thing happens to women of all sizes and shapes.

And to think I almost didThis was after a very rude