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While the socket is lightly pitted the blade is very good and the scabbard excellent. It is rust and deformation free.

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In addition to being a being a famous writer, Scott was also an antiquary who assembled an important collection of arms and armour. It strips, cocks and dry-fires. The influence of Adam's neo classicism is immediatley apparent. The securing strap is its full length though has a split.

It is relatively short and may have been reduced during its working like. Engraved France and bearing the name Prudham. Aside from some minor losses to the shagreen grip the condition throughout is excellent, the etched blade being effectively mint.

Bearing London import marks for and in good working order. Having a distinctive almond shaped skull with characteristic stalk-like projection resembling a pear and giving these helmets their name cabacette. This of course indicates it was carried by a Light Company Officer, though by family tradition this sword belonged to Royal Marine Officer. Other distinctive features include a lanyard hole to the knuckle bow, and what may be another piercing the grip through the upper langet extension. The patina to the hilt is rather pleasing, and the blade is rust free, though it shows sharpening to the tip, and for some reason the back edge radius has been dressed off.

Muirfield do not give America, Lago Maracaibo. Given the reference to men returning from Germany, I assume the issue to have been made in the post-Armistice German occupation period. This is an example manufactured in by Wilkinson Sword. It is perhaps an officer's sword as impressions in the grooves of the leather-covered grip suggest twisted wire was once present.

The musket retains its original ramrod, these are commonly lacking on surviving examples. The match holder comprises an annulus carrying a number of smaller rings through which a burning match could be threaded securely, though allowing the gunner to draw it on as it burned down.

An excellent strong and supple example. Optically and in every othe regard this is an excellent example.