Cornwall mp disabled dating

Cornwall mp disabled dating

He added that some cases had involved social care records being sent to the wrong people. Mr Masters said the hacker also put an auto-forward rule onto the councillor's email so every message that was sent to them was passed directly to the hacker. He explained that while it was fine for councillors to have that sort of information they had to take care to ensure they did not leave it in places where others could access or see it.

The charity complained and the authority's Standards Committee has reported its findings. However he told councillors that hacking incidents were not the biggest problem for the council.

Councillors were also warned to be careful with information provided to them from the council and how they stored it. Mr Masters told councillors that the origins of the hacking attempts had been from academic institutions abroad and in Nigeria. He advised councillors to be careful with how they access their email and warned them not to auto-forward emails from their council email address to their own personal email addresses. However, we would ask why people are being told to make alternative arrangements if no decisions have been made. That just takes us back to isolation.

Mr Masters said the hacker

Mr Masters said he did not know how the council's figure of data losses a year compared to other authorities as such information was not released. She said after pressure was put on the council and the centre there has been an agreement that a meeting will be held for relatives and carers at the end of this month. Relatives and carers of people who use the Lyndhurst Day Centre said they have been told that it could be about to close for two days a week. Paul Masters, strategic director for neighbourhoods, gave an outline of the incidents in his presentation.

He added that some