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This brings your loans current, so you can qualify for repayment plans and forgiveness programs. These guarantees make the loans cheap, interest-wise, but come at a price.

Within the past few years, student loan debt replaced credit cards as the second largest source of debt for most Americans. Consider debt settlement as an alternative to a loan. If you have questions or need help finding the right resources to get out of debt, we can help. Just like the income-based plan, income-contingent also requires you to recertify each year.

Bills Bottom Line It is possible to consolidate student loan debt with credit card debt. Eligible loans are rolled into a single, fixed monthly payment. However, the rate and term may result in lower monthly payment, but not an overall savings. Then your remaining balances are forgiven without penalties after payments have been made.

You should consider a cash-out refinance and use some of the equity in your to pay-off your credit card debt and the private student loans. You are likely to have a longer term to repay the home loan. The Dept of Education will not allow you to add credit card debt to your federal student loan consolidation when doing a Dept. Hardship plans match monthly payments to your income level and family size.

Look into a cash-out refinance, if you have equity in your home. Standard Repayment Plan This is the simplest and most straightforward repayment plan. Private consolidation can used to consolidate both federal and private student loans. Some debt settlement companies are resolving debts for consumers struggling with private student loans.

You pay off your other loans, leaving only the new loan to worry about. The interest rate applied to the loan is a weighted average of the rates on your original loans. This is where federal repayment plans help. Graduated Repayment Plan This plan starts with lower monthly payments, but grows at regular intervals over the term of the loan. You can't combine private and federal loans in a federal loan consolidation and you can't include any of your credit card debt.

This brings your loans current so