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So no, there was no cosmetic enhancement done to her chin. However, when we compared between two photos, her nose does seem to look different. Out of the different incision options, it seems that she most likely would have gotten a tiplasty and possible a closed incision as well.

To determine whether Park Shin Hye went for plastic surgery, we need to look at the before and after photos of Park Shin Hye. Today, she has wider, doll-like eyes that are popular in the South Korean culture. But in her current photos, we see that she has got big eyes. However, she once said she does not like her nose. The visible change could be due to a proper makeup application technique.

Her natural beauty could be the reason why many men like her. The closed incision is also done on the inside of the nose.

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Looking at the before and after photos, we can hardly tell if she went for a face lift. Her eyes do appear to be large, but it could also be just a natural thing. Born in Gwangju, she grew up in Songpa District, Seoul. She often claimed that she has not done any plastic surgery yet.

The more skewed the nose, eyes, or mouth look on their face, the more they will want to change them because of how much people will be staring and talking about them. This question is asked to almost all South Korean stars since plastic surgery is so common in the country. The tip of her nose has a bit more change in it, but that could very well be the angle or the lighting.

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Surgery Results The actress definitely looks better than she did when she was first introduced in the industry. Her jawline, however, appears to be fairly wide but it could be the baby fat on her face cheeks that is occupying those areas.