He has strong morals and ideals

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Due to this, Scott willingly accepts Theo into the Pack. Scott starts going out with Kira Yukimura after learning she likes him and she is also a Kitsune. Scott then faces Peter, having figured out the latter's plan to conspire with Kate to have Scott killed. Scott later has an emotional breakdown over his failed leadership and Kira having to leave sharing a goodbye kiss with her and is overwhelmed by the distrust and secrecy in everyone around.

Due to this

After Lydia reasons with Lenore, Scott and the others are allowed to leave. He has strong morals and ideals.

Devastated, Scott kisses Allison's forehead. Scott believes that Stiles sent them to Canaan to warn them of what will happen to Beacon Hills if they don't defeat the Ghost Riders. Scott later takes his mom's advice to bring hope for his Pack.

Certain things don't add up, like how he knew about the body or how he got to the woods. Scott takes Liam under his wing, helping him adjust to being a werewolf and keeping him safe. He defeats Peter while also sparing him, deciding for good he's an Alpha instead of a monster while declaring that Peter was always the other way around. Mason snaps Liam out of his rage, but Theo kills Scott afterwards.

When the assassin surrenders, Scott stops at the last minute, sparing the man's life. He suffers a hallucination of his mom with a bite to her head, as a result of energy in the town. Later, to assuredly save a consenting Hayden's life, Scott gives her the Bite, adding her to his Pack and power. He starts a relationship with Allison Argent, a new student whom he later discovers to be part of a werewolf-hunter family.

Also, Scott gains a close friend in fellow werewolf Isaac Lahey. Scott calls his mom's phone repeatedly, only to receive the same voicemail. He permanently gains additional fangs afterwards. The book also causes Scott's asthma to psychosomatically return.

Malia tells him that Melissa is gone but she's still alive, so they can still save her. He knows it sounds crazy, but he thinks he had a best friend who came with him that night.

Scott is optimistic, good-natured, kind-hearted, protective and caring. Over the series he exchanges his social awkwardness and naivety for a clear sense of duty in being a burgeoning leader in the supernatural world.

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