It's harmless, and that's good

Dating a shy guy does he like me

He might be prone to blushing, or even stuttering. This book comes free with The Art of Irresistible and gives valuable insight on how to say everything without even saying a word.

This is a posture to show your interest in a subtle way. It could be as simple as him always taking a drink soon after you do. Men by nature are coded to share. You hang out with your friends.

When I talk to remotely attractive girls I can barely look at there eyes because they are so beautiful I lose confidence. Compromise by going out on one night and staying in on another.

He may need some time to grasp that you are genuinely interested. Tilt your head slightly to the side. If you find out that he's a dud and that you have nothing in common, it'll save you time and heartache if you've been obsessing over him from afar. Especially on the first few dates.

Me and him are friends though. He's sensitive, he's considerate, and he seems to genuinely like you. No name just so you know guys like that only do things with girls to get laid. Think of gorillas thumping their chest to impress a hot lady gorilla. If you're the funny type, make a few jokes.

Yes, only because he was late for class I guess. While in the middle of explaining what happened, I caught him turning behind to look at me. One of the only times he has said anything was during a track race. Don't be too intense or stare him down.

Compromise by going out

He Has More Feminine Energy He's attracted to women, but he naturally has more feminine energy than the average guy. Some guys are just incurable flirts. Don't do this with a married or an attached guy, as it's quite powerful in showing your interest. It's driving you crazy to sit back and wait for him to finally step up.

When I talk

That pushes away the masculine guys who would take initiative. When I am in group work I almost never talk. He has you confused and crazy. He Has Social Anxiety Society anxiety is a catch because he wishes he could just stop caring what other people think, but he can't.

Smile Give him a big, genuine smile when you see him and before you leave. Men change around someone they like. He might be good looking and have been spoiled by women initiating conversations and taking the lead in relationships. If you're okay with dealing with some with relationship baggage, proceed. You might have a combination of these things.