That is your downbeat piano ballad

Dating mumford sons

Both records reached multi-platinum status and launched hits on the pop and rock charts. The couple married over the weekend in England. Luckily that's been something we've been able to avoid. He was his charming self and had the room in fits.

And we've never enjoyed recording more. And we just felt like he was exactly the person we needed to help steer this ship for this fourth record. Both had recently ended previous relationships, with Mulligan having split from actor Shia LaBeouf while Mumford had broken up with singer Laura Marling.

If we fall out with each other, we've got a major problem. We should have put it on the record though.

It took us a couple of sessions before we found out what the best method was. The groom was spotted driving to the ceremony wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.

And we've never enjoyed recording moreAnd we just

If they've got a different idea and it doesn't chime with me straight away, I'm intrigued to see where it goes. That is your downbeat piano ballad.

The couple married in a barn on the farm's grounds. The British newspaper reported that Mulligan's dad, John, is a vicar and conducted the wedding, which took place on Saturday on a farm in Somerset. They began dating after Mulligan attended a Mumford and Sons concert with Gyllenhaal. Epworth was part of the solution.