She's so cocky with her house info

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She's so cocky with

She has already succeeded in saving customers millions of pounds in fees and is set to change the way we sell our homes, forever.

They are all Sarah Beeny level fertile. She has written a number of books to accompany the series, as well as a weekly column for the Mail on Sunday. In this series, the programme follows a group of passionate villagers who want to restore their village to its former glory.

Her brother is married

She's so cocky with her house info. Her brother is married to Swift's sister, Caroline. Every one you see is practically about to pop. It's all very confusing and I think I need a sit down. Sarah Beeny would struggle to find fault.

Since then, she and Graham have created a number of influential and exciting businesses. Having saved up a deposit, without any formal training, Beeny began her own property developing business with her brother and her husband.