The Lex Cinema in Whitby Street

Dating services wagga wagga

Then and Now photographs showing Lancaster Road. Lower Middlegate in old Hartlepool then and now. Scott-Cowell in the back row. This is certainly a rare photograph of the station and comes from the collection of Hartlepool man Tony Pearson.

The postcard directly above shows Blackhall Rocks Cafe, owned by I. The photograph above left shows a bustling Lynn Street with the wonderful Empire Theatre on the left hand side. Barbara's grandfather was William Walker Rand and is on the extreme left of this picture.

Lower Middlegate in old Hartlepool

The building is stlll very much there but now used as a social centre. There seems to be conflicting reports as to exactly what a wagga dot is. Note the telephone kiosks on the black and white photograph. In the middle distance you can see the bandstand.

On the back of the card there's a message from a lady called Olive and addressed to a Mrs. The new bus station at Seaton Carew. There are not many of those around these days. It is looking towards Christ Church with the clock at ten to ten. Every once in a while we receive a photograph that we need help in finding a correct location.

Year and copyright unknown. Two more images from yesteryear. The older photograph shows the post office and library on the right hand side.

Then and Now photographs showing Lancaster