EverQuest was terrible at release

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Call of Pripyat the third game

Most users would not be aware of this fact and will install it from the disc anyway, making it pointless. Reunion, the main plot had multiple unpassable stages.

There weren't many questlines in the zone, and most of those that did essentially had No Ending and would just cut off at seemingly random points. Total War started out this way, but it was fixed somewhat with a lot of patching. By that time, the Internet has largely had enough. Even after this point, the vertibirds aboard the airship still like to glitch and not take you to the correct destinations. Dungeon Lords was released with many missing features, despite them being stated in the game manual and advertised as such.

Call of Pripyat, the third game, was very stable and mostly bug-free at the release date. The port of Pac-Man was released as soon as Atari got their hands on the programmer's alpha version.

In fact, the only thing you can hit on one map is a downed helicopter, as The Angry Video Game Nerd demonstrates in his review of the game. Fight For Life for the Atari Jaguar was actually shaping up to be a good fighting game. You can go off the side of the map at your leisure. It is impossible to actually lose in this game. Resurrection was an absolute disaster.

While mostly fixed with a lot of hotfixes and patching, some of these issues are still there. First Encounters, is a great game, and the fact it's still played after more than ten years after being reverse-engineered and spawning advanced graphics clones with the same gameplay proves this. Temple of Elemental Evil was riddled with several bugs and was generally unstable as heck. Imagine a Mario game where it's impossible to estimate how far you need to jump and every gap has an instant-death pit.

The port of

Silithus in general was an Obvious Beta zone. The only way to lose is for the game to crash which admittedly happens pretty frequently. The only available race mode is the custom race mode.

People can't cross a street to go shopping, leaving the stores empty and residents mad because there's no shopping. Alpha Protocol also has several bugs, including some that include flags not being thrown correctly in response to some of your actions and leaving you with odd results.

If you want to see what it was like on release, fire up the Road to Independence scenario, which for some reason seems largely unaffected by the bug fixes. Both studios have become renowned or reviled for their tendency to release unfinished or incomplete games. Wait times could exceed an hour, money would disappear when gifted to another city, and the game would just crash at points.

The Xbox version wasn't too bad, although it suffered more bugs than a console game really should. Game patches gradually implemented some of those elements. This, however, means that such weapons might damage you continually when stowed because of their hitbox clipping into yours while moving.

Inquisition was loaded with both major and minor bugs from the very beginning. Its glitchiness was universally reviled. It also looked ugly, at least partly because Atari didn't want games to have black backgrounds unless they were set in space.