Men have weaker impulse control

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This is also true for male legs, torsos and skeletons in general. In psychopaths, this doesn't happen to the same degree.

He calls psychopathy a neurodevelopmental disorder, because it is characterised by behaviour but is partly down to the structure of someone's brain. The female brain is geared slightly more toward language. Thus far, no male brain has ever been recorded doing this. Primarily, Harrison's team found that female serial killers would murder people over money, rather than sex or rage, which are more likely to be motives for male murderers.

Research into how they manage this is ongoing. Male brains tend to be bigger overall than female ones.

Men have weaker impulse control. To be diagnosed as one, you have to score highly on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. Women feel more pain, but we all knew that already, too. One study suggests female psychopaths flirt to manipulate, while men are more physically aggressive. Both males and females release the hormone oxytocin during stressful events.

However, they are perhaps more likely to be violent, and more likely to commit homicide than other offenders. It's a myth that all psychopaths are obsessed with death and homicide anyway. Whether we are looking to solve a mathematical equation or interprete the emotional needs of our counterpart, our skills depend on a number of different features. This is evidence to the fact that women are better at basing a decision on analytical left part of the brain as well as intuitive right part of the brain grounds.

The frontal and temporal areas of the cortex are larger in females than in males. Males are more likely to be dyslexic and autistic than females.

Males are more

Wildly gesticulating at one another as if the words could be danced out silently has never been a more legitimate form of communication. This area of the brain is thought to influence mathematical ability. Male brains synthesize serotonin far more quickly than female brains, which may explain why women are far more prone to depression. But few studies have shown that men's and women's brains are connected differently. Almost all of them were white, and had a degree or college education.

Male and female psychopaths may differ in how they act, but research is limited. There isn't a lot of research on the differences in how psychopathic men and women behave. Against this background, it is worth mentioning a study conducted at the University of Vienna. Human men generally tend to be bigger than women, and this is reflected in brain size.

The frontal and temporal areas of

So I would think you'd get that with male and female psychopathy too. When it comes to intelligence, there are more male than female outliers. The role of stereotypes Even though these results are very unambiguous, we should be careful not to generalise them. The findings could also help scientists understand why certain diseases, such as autism, are more prevalent in males, Verma said.

Women are more emotional, but we all knew that already. Psychopathic men, on the other hand, are more physically aggressive and more likely to commit fraud - perhaps why there are many more in prisons. No, there is a lot of data already out there on the subject of male and female brains. Women are also far more likely to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder after a traumatizing event.