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We then see Deborah nakedNatasha rolls onto her backHer breasts are also

We then see Deborah naked from the side, her right breast visible as we get a close-up view of her holding the guy while going down on him, her jaw apparently locked with him inside her mouth. Anna then straddles the guy and rides him before the guy with the camera joins in and has sex with Anna from behind at the same time as she rides the first guy.

Elena then turns on some music and begins to dance and sing, inviting Natasha to jump up and down on the bed. She then talks to the guy for a bit before finally standing up fully nude and showing her bush in the process.

She then switches positions with him and he gives her oral sex for a bit. Anna then climbs on top of him to ride him in reverse, her nightie hiked up to show her bare butt as she has sex with the guy. Elena then walks over to sit near her, watching as Natasha sits out on a chair on the balcony of the hotel room.

We then see Natasha doing some karaoke while still naked. The girls then chat for a bit before Natasha walks over to a window and stares out of it, Elena following behind her. Then Anna Jimskaia and Nela Lucic both fully nude in a spa as the spa attendants leave them alone and Anna flips onto her side as she chats with Nela, who is lying on her back.

Natasha then gets out of bed

Elena then approaches, giving us a clear look at her breasts. Meanwhile, the guy's roommate sits next to them and helps direct the action. Again we get a close-up view from behind as she sits down on a bench to write in a diary before once again bending over to go through a drawer. Elena then grabs a bottle and rolls it up and down Natasha's legs and stomach before using it to have sex with Natasha. Title Year Popularity Rating.

Natasha then reciprocates andElena then lays on topFrom Monamour a

Lysette Anthony - Save me. Natasha rolls onto her back and Elena runs her fingers down her back and touches her bare butt. The girls then lie on their sides facing each other, running their fingers over each other's faces and hair while we see bare breasts from both. Then Hannah lying naked in bed with a guy as they talk while kissing and moving around into different positions until finally she stands up fully nude and starts to get dressed. Her girlfiend is very lucky she's lesbian.

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From Monamour, a Tinto Brass movie. Her breasts are also visible from the front as her nightie strap falls off her shoulder. Elena Anaya full frontal and sex scenes.

Natasha then reciprocates and the girls stand fingering each other while pressed against one another. Elena then lays on top of Natasha, reaching her hand back between Natasha's legs to finger her. Natasha then gets out of bed and stands naked in a doorway, showing full-frontal nudity.

Elena Anaya full frontalThe girls then lie on theirAnna then straddles the guy and