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When you air your problems to attract sympathy This happens a lot on Facebook, social media and social gatherings. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don't do it. Home Dayan Masinde is a Kenyan fine-artist, portrait artist, singer, song-writer, poet, creative writer, cartoonist, producer, animator, performer and actor. Emotionally unstable people want to succeed because they are insecure and want to prove a point, but mature and stable beings work to succeed out of purpose, doing the right thing. At times you are in high moods other times low.

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Some people love to parade their woes looking for attention.

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We live in a world that has glorified haters and sings about showing your hater some hate back. Thank you so much Shamillah Kiptoo. Emotionally unstable people desire to fit in, and they will do anything to gain acceptance. Your words mean alot to me.

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Underage Copyrighted Material Other. All those are feelings, feelings are amazing when they are good feelings, but bad feelings will also be there. The world goes to wars when emotionally unstable people are in power. Instead of running away from God because things went wrong, run to God to be on the right side no matter how many times you hit a wall.

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God wants more than giving you things, God wants to transform you. Email required Address never made public.

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When you contemplate committing suicide This thought is for cowards. To emotionally grow is to realize that God is God whether you believe or not. When you find it hard to forgive It takes a strong heart to forgive. Instead of hating God because of the death of a loved one, why not thank God that you got to have life, you got to know that person and loved that person while they breathed.