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But then she reaches into her side table, and brings out one of her more powerful vibrators. She and her husband Dylan, who runs a computer consulting business, live in an artist loft downtown.

With one hand she inserts fingers into her tight pussy, and with the other rubs the vibe up and down until she crashes with a satisfying cum. When she needs more stimulation, she unbuckles her pants, rolls over, and humps. Dylan's camcorder catches her through the window screen as she tenderly caresses the softest of body parts.

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Within minutes, she gives herself very pleasurable moan-and-groan orgasm. But in this clip, she decides she wants something different. Her breathing gets heavier and heavier as she approaches orgasm, until she finally goes over the top, and releases all the tensions of the day. She's a multimedia artist who likes to play with herself for inspiration.

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Dylan Summer's husband has been trying to catch her at it, and this is one of the better videos he's made of the practice. Summer has cooled down by dressing in a lightweight skirt and thin top - and of course no bra. In warm months she likes to go out to the side yard where they have set up a private patio amid the noise and bustle of town life. We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers.

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As we note in the bios for Summer and Alicia, they're next door neighbors and friends. She lies on the bed, and at first it looks like she's going to jill off with her fingers. When the mood hits her right, she'll lift her long and slender legs high into the air as she works the vibrator all around her mound. There's some very loud traffic noise outside - Summer lucky hubby live downtown near a busy highway.

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He sets up a camera to shoot out through the bedroom window. To keep from missing all the fun, Dylan has taken to capturing her private moments on tape.

Summer has her favorite ways of making herself cum, usually by laying back and rubbing her pussy with her fingers, or soothing her clit with a dildo. With the breeze blowing though the window she works up her clitty until it's nice and hard. She puts multiple fingers inside her wet slit as the orgasm slowly subsides. Soon she rolls over, opens her legs. Using one hand she rubs all around her clitoris, while keeping the other free to feel her vulva, occasionally inserting several fingers into her sticky hole.

She uses it on her clit, alternating hard and soft, until her slender body convulses in orgasm. Thumbnails are automatically generated from the pictures. Dylan is the one who introduced Morgan's voyeur videos to us. Summer scrubs herself all clean, then has a nice play with herself. At first he was alarmed that she did it so much - he thought something was wrong with their sex life and she wasn't satisfied.

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