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My feet need some attention

My dad has always been a funny guy. So, like I said just give it a try if you haven't yet. Your father should discuss his condition with his doctor, but it's not an automatic cause for alarm.

Swollen feet definitely requires attentionAt any rate

Swollen feet definitely requires attention as it may be indicative of poor blood circulation in feet. Also, because my feet are so small, it's rare that I am able to share shoes with friends.

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This is usually accompanied by rise in blood pressure. Her her was literally falling out and she was having all types of health problems.

Liz sits back on the couch and gets her husbands attention be rubbing her bare feet on him. At any rate, even if all your numbers come back normal, you'll have a baseline to refer to when you get older.

It also makes you special. It wasn't purposeful or malicious, but it happened. Although swollen feet aren't a normal part of aging, swelling does happen more commonly among older adults. In his defence, my feet are really ugly.

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