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My sister taking it right in the ass

Now I finally gotThrowing her armsShe was really working

Anne was lying, still topless on the bed, but she'd rolled over onto her back and lay fully spread over the bed taking up the maximum space, something she always did when she had the bed to herself. After a moment of just standing there my cock halfway in my sister's ass I felt her move, I couldn't believe it as I realized she was pushing back into me. Then she stepped into me, pushing me back so I fell into my recliner, in another instant her knees were staddling me and she lowered herself down onto my still rock hard cock.

Anne was lyingAs I began to fuckMy sister's pussy clenched

Now I finally got your big thick dick inside me and I don't want it to stop. She was really working Jo to a fevered pitch.

As my sister collapsed onto the

My sister was really working my wife's pussy and she was bringing my wife to orgasm quickly. Throwing her arms around my neck, she leaned into me nearly toppling me. As my sister collapsed onto the bed exhasted, my wife slurped my cock back into her mouth quickly licking and sucking it clean of my sister's juices. Suddenly my sister's ass clenched tight onto my cock as my sister screamed into my wife's cunt. As I began to fuck my sister's ass again I knew I couldn't hope to last long not having cum since I fucked her before, almost an hour earlier at this point.

She'd lost her job about a week before her husband, Eric, had first been laid-off. Originally written by fotisampini My sister Brooke I came home from class and heard my mother and sister, Booke, yelling all the way outside. My cock sprung free and my sister kissed the head of it delicately. My wife has always been an excellent cock sucker but she was really going to town tonight. You have a new user avatar waiting for moderation.

As she came down she rolled over panting with exertion. My sister's pussy clenched tight with every thrust and she was moaning constantly.

My sister was really working

As her orgasm subsided she began to ride me in earnest. Gently I pushed my sister back, disengaging our lips. Each touch to her cunt brought a moan and an instictive lifting of her hips. Once she was in bed, she almost instantly started snoring.

As she came down she rolledSuddenly my sister's ass clenched tight