Jeet's honey had filled out my pot

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The rest of the journey was uneventful. Jeet could not control himself and was returning my favour. It felt like my hole had been widened beyond its natural girth. Only one flag request every ten seconds is allowed.

He parted my lips and shoved his hard dick in me and didn't stop until he pumped his full load on my ass. Indexing process is completely automated. To be pinned on a strangers cock, with his wife behind us and my husband in the driver's seat, was giving me an unknown high.

But finally we agreed

It looked like his cock would not stop pumping his seed into me. My Landlord stopped in one day while I just had my bikini briefs and pj top on. Jeet had now pulled his legs back to his regular position and had stuffed his monster in his loose shorts. He led my hand onto his bared prick and I felt the hot flesh searing into my hand. My nipples were very sensitive and a cock in me and a hand on my tits was an inflammable combination.

By now my son was fully awake but cranky. In fact I am happy that you didn't mind his love-making. Then she slowly took my hand and led it to her milk filled breasts, putting her own fingers over mine and pressing them onto her boobs.

Well, there started our exchanges and screws on tables, kitchen platforms, bathrooms and once we did it together in one bed. Something sucking on my fingers woke me up. His other finger was flicking my clit which was pushing me further. Mt orgasm coincided with his spurting and I had a difficult time trying not to shout out my thrill.

His cock was hot in my hand. But finally we agreed to freshen up and have a cup of tea. How I would have loved to have it in me.

Something sucking on my fingers

It was a pleasure to take you'll along, since we too were going there. After about three hours, as the first rays of the sun lighted the sky, we reached Jeet's place. He moved his hand over mine, as I shivered and pulled his loose short up. Atul's prick would shrivel up and slide out after he pumped his seed into me. If I had to pull out then his spunk would have shot on the seat and around leaving tell tale marks and difficult to explain later.

How I would haveHis cock was hot in myWell there started